The Beginner’s Guide to Nannies

Tips for Hiring the Best Caregiver

You can always find a nanny from online nanny groups as well as through nanny service California sites. Use some of the senior care agencies that train and find jobs for nannies in California. Follow below steps when looking for the best nanny to hire.

Think of the long-term reasons why you require a nanny. If a nanny says she want to work for a period of one or two months, continue with your search. Changing caregivers now and then is not good even for the kids. A good caregiver will be there throughout the journey of bringing up the kids right from birth to all stages of development. A good nanny should not concentrate on the baby alone, but for the whole family as well.

Ask around for available caregivers from friends, family or referrals from previous nannies. Conduct interviews when you come up with a list of nannies. Among the most important are the years of services, any past criminal record, etc. Do not ask the most obvious question as the nanny will be prepared. Try to ask questions out of the blue. Try to get answers like what the nanny would do in cases of an emergency like kids getting sick, etc. The answers the caregiver provides are enough proof of whether she will be good for the kids. Discuss about the salary issue and let her state her expectations and table your offer too.

After you get a nanny of your choice, conduct a background check, even before she starts working. Call the referees provided in the CV and ask few good deed and bad deeds if any. Do a family background check to know more of the person you will be entrusting your kids with. Find out where the caregiver lives. Find out from the next of kin if the nanny has been allowed to work, especially if she is married. Hire the agencies that do a nanny background check.
Let the nanny sign a contract detailing all the terms before she starts working. Let your attorney help you with the contract.

Come to an agreement with the nanny regarding important days such as sick off, weekly off day, annual leave etc. Also agree on other benefits such as medical cover, bonuses, etc., if available. Clearly state your expectations when the nanny starts working.

Inform her of what she should and should not do. Welcome the nanny well, introduce her to everyone to make her feel like part of the family and train her on what she does not know like the use of equipment around the house. If the nanny is not living with your family, state the reporting time. A nanny cam is important to have in the house.