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Tips for Boat Fender Care

While the purpose of your boat fender is that of protection, this does not mean it is indestructible. Improper care and practices can lead to disrepair of your fender. You always want to avoid the cost of having some part of your boat repaired if you can help it. The best way for you to get your boat fender repaired is to make sure it does not get damaged to begin with. By taking precautions and implementing wise fender usage, you can avoid any unnecessary damage. In this article, we will go over a few strategies you can use to keep the damage minimal.

To begin with, you will want a fender that is the right size relative to how big your boat is. Getting the wrong size boat fender can result in miscalculations and lack of balance. It will be wise to make sure the fender you get is the right size for the boat you want to attach it to. It is often recommended that a boat owner gets a fender that have one inch of diameter for every five feet of boat length. If your current fender is the wrong size, you will likely want to switch it out.

Once you know the size is alright, you can take another easy step towards a safer fender, which is to get a cover for it. The cover will be able to keep your fender clear of dirt and debris, meaning less wear and tear over time. In addition to this, tar and dirt might stain your fenders, which may then accidentally be rubbed off on another boat. Beyond that, the UV light coming from the sun actually damages the rubber material that is present in your fender. The money saved over time with damage prevented by a cover will well outweigh the cost of the cover.

Docking is another instance in which you will want to practice proper fender usage. When the dock in question has a flat face, vertically oriented fenders will be your best bet. If it is a pier with pilings, however, horizontally oriented fenders will serve you well. For this orientation, you can also add in a fender board for some added protection.

Taking care of your boat in its entirety should always be at the top of your priorities. To that end, you will be well served to take good care of that which keeps your boat safe. Using proper technique and forethought, you will save yourself tons in repair costs. By using the tips above, you will have an easy path towards safe and proper fender care.

Doing Services The Right Way

Doing Services The Right Way